Detailed introduction of ordinary barbed wire

The barbed wire is twisted and knitted by a fully automated barbed wire machine. Commonly known as iron tribulus, barbed wire, barbed wire. Types of finished products: single wire twisted braiding and double wire twisted braiding. Raw material: high quality low carbon steel wire. Surface treatment process: electro-galvanizing, hot-dip galvanizing, plastic coating, plastic spraying. There are blue, green, yellow and other colors. Uses: Used for isolation protection of grassland boundaries, railways, highways, etc.

Classification By Twisting Method


The barbed wire is an isolation protective net made by winding the barbed iron wire on the main wire (strand wire) through a barbed wire machine, and through various weaving processes.

There are three twisting methods for barbed wire: forward twist, reverse twist, and forward twist.

Positive twisting method: It is to twist two iron wires or multiple iron wires into a double-stranded iron wire rope and then wind the barbed wire around the double-stranded iron wire.

Reverse twisting method: Firstly, the barbed wire is wound on the main wire (that is, a single iron wire) and then an iron wire is twisted and twisted to form a double-strand barbed wire.

Positive and negative twisting method: It is twisting in the opposite direction from the direction where the barbed wire is wound around the main iron wire. It is not twisted in one direction.

Processing Classification


The reason for surface treatment is to strengthen the corrosion resistance and prolong the service life.  The surface treatment of galvanized barbed wire is galvanized, which can be electro-galvanized or hot-dip galvanized; the surface treatment of PVC barbed wire is PVC coated, and the barbed wire inside is black wire, electroplated wire and hot-dip galvanized wire.

The aluminum-clad barbed wire is a new product that has just been put on the market. Its surface is covered with a layer of aluminum, which is also called aluminized. Everyone knows that aluminum is not rusty, so aluminum plating on the surface can greatly improve the corrosion resistance and make it last longer. The purpose of the barbed wire: used for theft prevention and protection in factories, private villas, first floors of residential buildings, construction sites, banks, prisons, banknote printing plants, military machines, bungalows, low walls and other places.

Specifications and Accounting Costs

Wire size BWG Barb distance 3" Barb distance 4" Barbed distance 5" Barb distance 6"
12x12 6.0617 6.759 7.27 7.6376
12x14 7.3335 7.9051 8.3015 8.5741
12-1/2x12-1/2 6.9223 7.719 8.3022 8.7221
12-1/2x14 8.1096 8.814 9.2242 9.562
13x13 7.9808 8.899 9.5721 10.0553
13x14 8.8448 9.6899 10.2923 10.7146
13-1/2x14 9.6079 10.6134 11.4705 11.8553
14x14 10.4569 11.659 12.5423 13.1752
14-1/2x14-1/2 11.9875 13.3671 14.3781 15.1034
15x15 13.8927 15.4942 16.6666 17.507
15-1/2x15-1/2 15.3491 17.1144 18.406 19.3386

Barbed Wire Cost Calculation

total weight X (share price X70% + barbed wire price X30%) + processing fee

Actual Price Calculation Of Barbed Wire

In the future, we will list the most realistic data for everyone to be more detailed.

1. The wire rod price is based on the latest wire rod quotation on September 22, 2014. Due to the impact of the national steel production surplus, steel prices generally fell. The price per ton of wire rod is around RMB 2580 per ton.

2. The price of wire rod processing. Generally speaking, the specifications of the barbed wire are No. 14 iron wire (220mm) and No. 12 iron wire (260mm). The processing fee for electro-galvanized wire according to the latest 220mm specification is about RMB 750 per ton. Of course, there are hot-dip galvanizing and plastic coating, etc., which are not listed here.

3. Processing costs. 220mm barbed wire, the barbed distance is 12com, the processing fee per ton is 320 yuan.

Therefore, the ex-factory price of 220mm ordinary barbed wire per ton is 2580+750+320=3650 RMB per ton, and it does not include freight. If the customer feels that the barbed wire price is high when buying, you can mention it a little bit. Lower the price. Seeing this, I don’t know if everyone is more confident about the price of barbed wire? I also remind everyone to determine the material, specifications, and size before buying to avoid being deceived.

Post time: Sep-16-2020