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The machine produced by our factory is specially used to produce small coils. It is driven by a motor, and there is a control box to input a given length. After pressing the switch button, it will automatically stop when the specified length is reached. The working noise of this machine is extremely low. Various models of this series of machines can be manufactured according to requirements. The machine has the characteristics of reasonable design, simple structure, stable operation, good performance, high efficiency and convenient maintenance.

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Small Winding Machine Description

Name: Close-packed wire  Small coiled wire

Uses: used for construction wire binding, gardening binding, length, roll diameter, packaging can be produced according to customer requirements, convenient, fast and beautiful.

Small coiled wire is divided into galvanized small coiled wire, PVC small coiled wire, annealed small coiled wire, stainless steel small coiled wire, copper-plated small coiled wire, copper wire small coiled wire, etc.

Specifications: Inner diameter 4 cm \ 5 cm \ 6 cm \ 10 cm Other specifications can be customized according to customer needs.

Wire diameter: 0.6-4mm

Material: black wire, pvc, galvanized wire.

The small coiled wire produced is used for construction help wire, the weight is about 1-1.5 kg, and the worker can carry it on the body for easy use. The inner diameter is 4.5-5 cm, the outer diameter is 11-12 cm, and the thickness is 4 work points. It can also be according to customer requirements Production, the appearance is treated with rust prevention to prevent rust.

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